OS X as a Service

Hosted OS X and OS X Server plans.
Perfect for Xcode-, FileMaker-, Daylite- and Jenkins Server Hosting.


All plans are covered by a 7-day money back guarantee.


What exactly is Xcloud?

Well, some people call it Mac VPS, others call it hosted OS X Server or Mac Cloud Server. Finally, they are all right but we just call it simply: Xcloud. In fact, each Xcloud instance is a virtual (dedicated) machine running newest available Mac OS X version.

As you are provided with root access, you will be able to install, configure and run any OS X compatible software.


Start Small. Grow Big.

3 powerful plans that meet your needs! All Xcloud plans come with a certain amount of guaranteed CPU power, Memory and All-SSD Storage. Thanks to virtualization, scaling up is simple and elastic, no need to reinstall anything. Also included in all plans:

+ Automated Backup + 99.9% Availability
+ Unlimited Data Traffic

All-SSD Storage
CPU Cores
Network Uplink
1 Gbit
1 Gbit
1 Gbit
Price in CHF (Swiss Franc)
79 /mo.
149 /mo.
279 /mo.



Security is our Priority.

Everything is professionally installed and hosted in a secure state-of-art datacenter in Zurich – Switzerland. All plans come Pre-Secured and with free Full-Backup, including replication to a remote backup-site. Your complete data is safe even in case of an unforeseen disaster.

SWISS Data Center ISO/IEC 27001 Certified



OS X Server – Features

The built-in features in OS X Server bring more power, control, and collaboration to your organization.
It’s so simple to use that any person or company, even one without an IT staff, can get up and running in no time.


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Some other Customer use cases.

Apart from the built-in OS X Apps and OS X Server Features, you can theoretically install and run any other OS X compatible software. Below you can see a list of the most common customer use cases.



Businesses That Trust Us.

We are the worldwide number one provider in OS X Server Hosting.
Our customers enjoy working together with us, because we’re fast, uncomplicated and offer real support.