macOS Cloud Hosting

Your dedicated, always-on Mac Build Server in the Cloud.


XCLOUD is an enterprise-class IaaS for macOS. It is perfect for developers and companies that need to run one or hundreds of dedicated macOS VMs in the Cloud. In fact, each XCLOUD instance is a dedicated virtual machine running macOS version of your choice.

Use cases

Apart from the built-in macOS Apps, you can theoretically install and run any other macOS compatible software. Below you can see a list of the most popular customer use cases.

macOS Server

Run server-services like Profile Manager, Wiki, File Sharing, Calendar, Contacts, Mail and more.

Xcode Server Bots

Always-on continuous integration bots. Build, analyze, test, your macOS and iOS apps in the Cloud.

Xamarin Mac Agent

Build apps written in Xamarin.iOS and Visual Studio with a Cloud based Mac build host.

Xcode Development

Connect via VNC from any device (Mac, Windows, Linux) to remotely write apps in Xcode.

Jenkins Server

Build, analyze, test, your macOS and iOS apps in the Cloud, with leading CI/CD Jenkins Server.

FileMaker Server

Run FileMaker Server to easily and securely share information with your team from the Cloud.

Trusted — worldwide

More than 400 companies, including some of the world’s biggest brands, in over 50 countries productively use XCLOUD platform. Here is a selection of just a few.

Under the hood

Professionally hosted in an ISO/IEC 27001 certified, state-of-art datacenter in Zurich — Switzerland.

The enterprise-class hosting infrastructure offers the highest security standards, guaranteed availability of 99.9% and integrated Backup.

Mac infrastructure

Powered by genuine Mac Pro hardware and VMware vSphere virtualization technology.

All Xcloud instances (macOS based virtual machines) are served on top of highly-available Mac Pro hardware based VMware vSphere clusters.

As these systems are hosted on official Apple Hardware, it is in accordance with Apple’s Terms & Conditions.

All-Flash, 100% NVMe Storage

The underlying enterprise-grade storage infrastructure is built on all-flash, 100% NVMe based disks for lightning-fast response times.

In addition, all Xcloud plans are covered by a Snapshot based Full-Backup every 6 hours and a retention of 7 days. With encryption at rest by default, you profit of world-class encryption without further need for configurations.

Simple — transparent pricing

All plans come with a certain amount of guaranteed CPU power, Memory and all-Flash, 100% NVMe based Storage. Thanks to virtualisation, scaling up is simple and elastic, no need to reinstall anything.

CHF /mo.



1 vCPU
2 GB Memory
40 GB NVMe SSD Disk

CHF /mo.



2 vCPU
4 GB Memory
80 GB NVMe SSD Disk

CHF /mo.



4 vCPU
8 GB Memory
160 GB NVMe SSD Disk

CHF /mo.



8 vCPU
16 GB Memory
320 GB NVMe SSD Disk

Custom Plans


Are you interested in deploying or migrating a large macOS based environment, with custom specifications?
We can help.

All plans come with:

— macOS version of your choice
— Root Access
— Connect from Mac
— Connect from Windows or Linux
— Unlimited Data Traffic
— 1 Gbit/s Network Uplink
— 1 public IP address
— Full-Backup: every 6 hours
— Backup-Retention: 7 days
— 99.9% Availability

7-Day Money Back

All plans are covered by a 7-day money back guarantee. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 7 days of the activation. Learn more…

CHF Currency

As we are a Swiss-based company, pricing is in Swiss franc (CHF).
1 CHF is equal to 1 USD. Here you can check the current exchange rates…

Payment Methods

We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. If you are an Enterprise and Bank Transfer (PO approach) is your only method, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free trial? No, not in the classical sense. But, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. You will receive a full refund if you cancel your account within 7 days of the activation. It allows you to have piece of mind and to try our services risk-free.

How long are your contracts? At least 1 month, as all plans are paid on a monthly basis. Contract is until billing period over and you can cancel it anytime.

How do I cancel my subscription? Canceling the subscription is an easy and no-questions-asked process. Simply create a new support-ticket and inform us about your cancellation.

Am I charged while my Xcloud instance is in a powered-off state? Yes. Your disk space, CPU, RAM, and IP address are all reserved while your instance is powered off.

Can I switch plans? Yes, at any time. Thanks to virtualization, scaling up is simple and elastic, no need to reinstall anything. To switch a plan, simply create a new support-ticket and inform us about your intention. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer any discounts? We offer a 10% discount to nonprofits, charities and educational institutions. To request the discount, please contact us in advance and include a link to your organization’s website or attach an official documentation.

How can I manage and access it? You can manage your instance(s) using Screen Sharing app (included with macOS), Apple Remote Desktop or any available VNC client which gives you direct access to the console.By using a VNC Client, you can even remote connect with a Windows or Linux Box.

Will I have a web-based control panel? Yes, you can manage (start, stop etc) your instance(s) via a web-based control panel. It is possible to access your instance even if there is a boot or network problem, thanks to HTML5 screen console.

Can I install my own software? Yes. You are provided with root access to your dedicated macOS VM, you will be able to install, configure and run any macOS compatible software.

Can I use my own domain to map it to my instance? Yes. Each XCLOUD instance is available via a publicly accessible IP address. This means that you can easiely connect your existing domain to it. We provide secondary DNS-services free of charge if needed.

Have more questions? Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions, comments or feedback. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.